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Stuart Mackay - Life Coaching Testimonial

Stuart Mackay

CEO and Founder

Prior to working with Fyfe, I felt guilty if I was working in the business and felt guilty when I was at home - I couldn’t win and I was constantly playing loops in my head. I felt like I was never present at home or at work and nobody was getting the best of me. I felt like I was getting starved of oxygen, I had a hard time making executive decisions, and I knew I needed something different from all the self-development books I was reading.

I started to feel a difference after 2 weeks and even my neighbour noticed. He calls me “the neighbour with the spring in his step.” People have noticed that I’m more grounded and at ease.

We have multiple different business coaches for my company, but working with Fyfe is different. Fyfe is MY coach. By working on me, and turning me into an A-Player, it has a big impact on my business. I started working with Fyfe because I was in a state of burnout, overwhelm and anxiety trying to manage it all. Mental Fitness has increased my capacity to manage stress and I'm much better at recognizing my strengths, weaknesses and blindspots - which is key to my leadership. The 1:1 coaching has been a game changer as well. I'm more calm, people say I seem "happier" and I'm getting more done with less effort. 

Andrew Molica - Life Coaching Testimonial

Andrew Molica


This is the most impactful thing I've done for myself - and I've worked with therapists and many business coaches. 

I'd recommend this for anyone who is on a path that isn't a traditional or defined, like owning a business. 

Brian Kingston

Executive Coach

What Fyfe does really well is asking questions that make me feel like I’ve been literally picked up off my feet and turned to face a different direction.

 Since working with Fyfe: I’ve left my job, I took a creative writing class I've been avoiding, I’ve self published 2 books, I’ve set up my own coaching business, I already have paying clients, AND I have the confidence to share things that I would’ve tried to perfect in the past. 

Brian Kingston - Life Coaching Testimonial

Marat A - Life Coaching Testimonial

Marat A

CEO and Founder

Founding a startup is a challenging journey. In order to succeed you need to boost every aspect of your abilities, in other words you need to change a lot. I quickly realized there is a toll on my mental game and I am simply not equipped with the knowledge and skills to deal with it. Working with Fyfe helped me to build these skills.


Fyfe helped me to navigate through the challenges of bootstrapping a startup while keeping and building relationships with people I need and love.

Jayden Maharaj - Life Coaching Testimonial

Jayden Maharaj

CEO of Axis Marketing

My business partner noticed that I seem “lighter” and more fun to work with.

Like a lot of business owners, I wanted to do whatever it takes to grow the business which meant putting a lot of pressure on myself and my team. But I realized that I wasn’t very happy and that I was hitting a ceiling of performance. As a business owner, if I can’t manage myself and emotions, then I'm screwed. Working with Fyfe helped give me strategies to manage the negative mind chatter that comes with running a business and be more calm.


Even though I was still working 12 hr days, after working with Fyfe I was better able to manage the mental state I was in and I was more grateful for what I was doing.


It completely changed the way I showed up in the business and my perspective on it.

Katie Forsyth - Life Coaching Testimonial

Katie Forsyth

CEO of Friendly Composting

My leadership has completely changed.

2 months after working with Fyfe, and I can confidently say I have completely changed. I wanted to wait 2 months after completing the work with him to give a testimonial to make sure things stuck.


I now have tools to manage the chaos of the business and leadership. I feel proud, sure of myself and capable which is new for me.

Andrew King - Life Coaching Testimonial

Andrew King

Workforce Planning Consultant

"More effective than all the parenting and personal development books I've read over the years. It's been over a year since I took the program and the improvements have still stuck with me"

I originally signed up for the program to help me overcome my fears as an entrepreneur and to better manage my stress at work and home; I didn't expect it would be so essential in helping me deal with the emotional roller coaster that my 3 and 4 year olds would put me through every day.


I had no idea how big of a difference the program would have on my life as a parent of young children. Everything changed when I became a dad for the first time and this program has been more effective than all the parenting and personal development books I've read over the years. It's been over a year since I took the program and the improvements have still stuck with me.


I would recommend this for to anyone who feels overwhelmed and underwater. Life continues to throw more at me but I feel like I can handle it and still have fun in the process!

Ryan Ferguson - Life Coaching Testimonial

Ryan Ferguson

Director of Bootcamp at Praxxis

Crucial pillar of support.

I took on a new and challenging job in October and four months later became a first-time Dad. During this time, my coaching calls with Fyfe became a crucial pillar of support for me. Our calls gave me space to talk through the pressures and fears of fatherhood. It also helped me with critical planning and execution of key priorities in my leadership role.

I would highly recommend the program for any aspiring entrepreneurs looking to better themselves and improve their mental headspace, as well as better their relationships with co-founders and family.” 

Gavin Simpson - Life Coaching Testimonial

Gavin Simpson

Owner and Operating Partner 

We’ve had a lot of change in our business over the last 6 months in order to grow. There has been a lot of stress and challenges with the growth and it's been really draining and has put me into cycles of burnout. Fyfe brings a really calm presence and creates space to slow things down, figure out what’s really going on and get me into a more proactive operating mode. 

Pat McConnell - Life Coaching Testimonial

Pat McConnell

President and CEO

Atlantis Fiber

Fyfe has a unique ability to really boil things down to first principals and right size obstacles and issues

I started working with Fyfe approximately three years ago because I was struggling with consistently performing to the best of my abilities.

I am the founder of a company whose chief aim is to be a positive yet disruptive force within the concrete industry. This brings with it many challenges that affect various areas of one’s life and achieving a healthy balance between business objectives, family and personal life as well as personal development can be quite difficult at times.

Fyfe has a unique ability to really boil things down to first principals and right size obstacles and issues that can at times seem overwhelming. He has been very effective at helping me keep life’s various stressors in context and to celebrate and build on wins rather than being overly self-critical and putting my focus on setbacks that life inevitably presents you.

One key and very important benefit in working with Fyfe has been in freeing up energy that I am able to put towards my kids. Being a father presents its own unique challenges and Fyfe has helped me to prioritize the time I spend with them to really focus on how I can best be present and supportive.

I can’t recommend Fyfe’s services enough and look forward to working with him well into the future as a partner in success in all areas of my life that truly matter.

Benji Carlson - Life Coaching Testimonial

Benji Carlson

Marketing Executive

Host of Contractor Evolution Podcast

The reason I use Fyfe as a coach is because he is absolutely instrumental in the process of cataloguing, organizing, and utilizing all of the internal thoughts, emotions, fears, dreams, and obstacles that come up in life.

Coaching sessions with Fyfe has helped me in myriad ways. One aspect that I love is that you can focus your coaching goals and discussion in any direction you want or need. Whether its relationships, business, mental and physical health, personal development, or any other goal you may have, Fyfe is totally capable of meeting you where you need to go. Through discussion, probing questions, and validation Fyfe helps me understand and work through current issues I may be struggling with in order to align my actions and choices around my own well thought out long term goals. This process is both cathartic and challenging, but I look forward to his calls with genuine enthusiasm. I would strongly recommend coaching with Fyfe to anyone who is looking to squeeze more fun, meaning, success, and love out of life.

Robby Kempton - Life Coaching Testimonial

Robby Kempton

Owner of R&R Recruiting

Working with Fyfe helps me stay out of self-sabotaging, and self-limiting beliefs that creates a lot of stress.

Initially, I was skeptical that someone totally removed from my circles (work, family, community) would be able to speak into any of my internal conflict with actual precision, and add value.  


Having worked with Fyfe for several months now, he’s helped me press into examining what I’m doing, WHY I’m doing it, and then intentionally reorient my priorities, commitments and habits. He’s also helped me to face things I’ve been avoiding or dismissing for too long. 


Continuing to work with Fyfe helps me rise above suboptimal, reactive and overly emotional decisions.  It's helping me stay out of self-sabotaging, and self-limiting beliefs with which creates a lot of stress.

Dan Barraclough - Life Coaching Testimonial

Dan Barraclough

Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach (Retired) EVP People & Culture

“I found the Mental Fitness course to be very helpful in my day to day.  Taking this course, facilitated by my son, was a great experience.  Being able to be vulnerable and open in front of one of your children is a testament to how Fyfe is able to create an open and sharing environment. The fundamentals behind mental fitness have a foundation in neuro-science and are applicable to everyone.  My only complaint is that I wish I had been able to learn about it much earlier in my life.  I would recommend this course to anyone.  However, for those who want to be in, or are already in, leadership roles, I would say this course is mandatory.  Your ability to be an effective leader will improve exponentially.”

Amanda Kingsmith - Life Coaching Testimonial

Amanda Kingsmith

Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Yoga Teacher

I was getting in my own way - because of my fear of failure AND my fear of success.

Before working with Fyfe, I was getting in my own way - because of my fear of failure AND my fear of success. I had done a lot of personal development before so I wasn’t sure what I’d get out of working with Fyfe. I have to say, I’m way less stressed now, and I understand and can counteract self sabotage faster. I’d recommend this for anyone looking to get to the next level in their business or career. 

Andrew Mollica - Life Coaching Testimonial

Andrew Mollica

COO and Co-owner

In one conversation with Fyfe, I left with a vision so vivid and clear I could create a drawing and hang it on my wall

I was frustrated after being two years into a different coaching program where a vivid vision was considered a foundational step and I still had a blank page. In one conversation with Fyfe, I left with a vision so vivid and clear I could create a drawing and hang it on my wall that represents the goals. Fyfe's questioning and visualization exercises moved me past my mental barriers, connected me with what I value, and projected that into my future. 

Edward Schlagintweit - Life Coaching Testimonial

Edward Schlagintweit

Business Advisor

I’ve meditated every day for the last 10 years and I was surprised with how effective the mental fitness training has been.

It’s even helped with my tennis game. I can stay focused better and I’m approaching performance differently. I’m getting better results by not beating myself up and putting so much pressure on myself which feels very counter intuitive for me. I work as a coach on zoom a lot and after a day of calls my brain would feel like oatmeal. This has really helped me be more present.

Jon Sukhia - Life Coaching Testimonial

Jon Sukhia

Co-Founder and CEO of Topkey

YCombinator Founder

Super compelling toolkit for founders.

Being a founder is lonely. It's an incredibly challenging mental journey filled with ups and downs. Fyfe and his programming offers a super compelling toolkit to help founders get out of negative mental patterns and access parts of our brains that we often don't utilize.


I would highly recommend the program for any aspiring entrepreneurs looking to better themselves and improve their mental headspace, as well as better their relationships with co-founders and family.” 

Lucas Mangotitch - Life Coaching Testimonial

Lucas Mangotitch

Co-Owner of Swept Space

Helped manage the roller coaster of entrepreneurship.

Initially I was hesitant to jump in, but I had worked with Fyfe in the past and trusted him. Being a small business owner, you are constantly riding a roller coaster, and it can be hard to work through the low points of the journey. Working with Fyfe helped make sense of the roller coaster and gave me tools to manage those dips in a way that was more positive and productive. I’d recommend this to driven business owners who are trying to find their path and navigate the chaos of running a small business. I feel calmer and more grounded and people around me have noticed that I’m showing up as more understanding and mature in my leadership.

Jordan Tait - Life Coaching Testimonial

Jordan Tait

Business Coach

More flow and I recover faster from distractions.

Of all the personal development work, this is the most consistently impactful and actionable training I've ever done. I’m finding myself in flow way more and I’m better able to recover from distractions and when things go wrong. For the amount of effort, the results are incredible. This is now a lifelong skill and practice for me

A Life Coaching Testimonial


Canadian Intelligence Officer

I'm a less reactive and more patient Dad now. Better at separating work and life. 

 I am very grateful that I got to go through this program with Fyfe. My child was about 2 years old when I did it and I couldn't help but think about how much better those first couple of years could have been if I had done this work before having my child.

Doing the work helped to make me a less reactive dad. I am being more patient and more present in the moment with them.

The work that I did with Fyfe also helped me to be better at separating work from family life.

Being in a leadership position, the training I did with Fyfe helped me to deal with some of the interpersonal situations that you can never feel quite prepared for. I am so grateful for this work I put in with Fyfe.

Nick Ahrens - Life Coaching Testimonial

Nick Ahrens

Chief of Staff

Sustainable toolkit for leadership. 

 I’ve done a lot of professional and self development and working with fyfe has given me a new and more sustainable and long-term toolkit for my leadership and relationships.  I think the biggest win was helping me shift how I manage tough conversation both at work and personally.

Tim Kearney - Life Coaching Testimonial

Tim Kearney


Working with Fyfe has allowed me to jump ahead a year of where I would have been on my own. It saved me so much time.

I told fyfe that I wasn’t a good candidate for coaching when I first chatted with him. I said, “I’ve got it covered, I can do this on my own” but I didn’t really know what coaching was. Working with Fyfe has allowed me to jump ahead a year of where I would have been on my own. It saved me so much time.  I loved the clarity, clear direction and accountability. Fyfe is like a professional sounding board for big creative ideas and decision making. It’s been so interesting to me that all the answers are in my brain but Fyfe was critical in pulling them out and crystallizing those things. I don’t know if I would have figured things out, or if I did, how long it would have taken me on my own. 


For someone new to coaching, I’d explain it as, “Helping you identify problems you didn’t know you had, and helping overcome issues that you are vaguely aware of but not consciously able to overcome on your own. You get equipped with the tools to do the work and it expedites your impact and what you are capable of. 

I believe trust is earned.
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  • How to play mental judo and turn stress into opportunity

  • In under 5 minutes, identify the top 3 ways you currently self sabotage your performance, relationships and happiness

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