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Fyfe Barraclough - Vancouver Life Coach

I help adventurous people.

The "official" bio

Fyfe Barraclough - Life & Career Coaching

Fyfe Barraclough runs a Personal Leadership and Mental Fitness consultancy for entrepreneurs and high performers, based in Vancouver BC.


Fyfe loves working with people who have an adventurous spirit. His clients are high achievers, and have an entrepreneurial mindset even if they aren't entrepreneurs. Small business owners, entrepreneurs and up-and-coming leaders are the ones who reach out to Fyfe. His clients have included Start-Up Founders, Financial Advisors, Coaches, Small Business Owners, COO's, Podcasters, Managing Directors, Ambitious Mid-level Managers and Canadian Intelligence Officers. 


Fyfe entered the coaching profession at age 25, getting certified as a Coactive Coach through the Coaches Training Institute. He was always the youngest in the class, and one of 4 men in a class of 25.   He has been a coach to hundreds of physiotherapy business owners across North America, and is a Pioneer Mental Fitness Coach with Positive Intelligence, being one of the early adopters of this training and coaching approach. 

In 2023, Fyfe successfully sold an HVAC cleaning business that operated for 7 years without his daily involvement. He's owned 5 small businesses and deeply knows the challenges of entrepreneurship

Fyfe is known for his ability to slow people down who are in chaos and overwhelm and has been called "the eye of the entrepreneurial storm." He creates a unique space to get grounded in who you are, what you want and how you will get there.  In a world of distractions, speed, and chaos, Fyfe is the voice of calm, and clarity.


Fyfe is currently building Dadpreneur Club, a community for Dadpreneurs who are tackling 2 of life's greatest challenges. Being a father, AND being an entrepreneur. 

The "real" bio

My name is Fyfe Barraclough. I’ve been lost. I’ve hit deep burnout. I’ve doubted my leadership and questioned my journey as an entrepreneur. 

I’ve also coached clients who’ve: gone through burnout, had founder breakups, lost close friends, navigated selling their business, decided to make a complete career change, and addressed self-sabotage.

I’ve faced many peaks and valleys (in life and business) and I’ve coached many people through life-changing experiences.


People have always trusted me. Even from a young age people have trusted me with their dreams and secrets. They've trusted me when I give my word. My Dad even took me flying in a plane at 4 years old and trusted me not to touch the controls that would have caused us to crash. This trust is at the foundation of my coaching.  (This story still shocks me btw. My Dad is a very cautious person) 

Oh, and ya, I still doubt myself at times. 

Fyfe Barraclough - Family Picture
Mental Fitness and Development

I zig when others zag.

I've always seemed to take the path less travelled. I grew up without TV, and was into Wim Hof before it was cool. I entered into coaching at a young age and went straight into entrepreneurship out of university when everyone else got desk jobs. I've never worked in an office and in university I worked at a Pet Crematorium and a Maple Syrup producer. These seemingly random experiences give me a unique background to help clients in many different fields and challenges.  

I love adventure and the outdoors. I love skiing, downhill mountain biking and motorcycle trips. I've travelled to 38 different countries and love experiencing new places and cultures. 

But I love my family more. I LOOOVE being a Dad. Friends called me "Father Fyfe" in my 20's long before I had a family because I was the responsible one who looked out for others and kept friends out of trouble. 


I believe in simplicity and consistency. 

I've always been fascinated with the question: How does change happen? 

My shelf is lined with books about how change happens for individuals and in businesses. There are systems for this and cheat codes for that - but at the end of the day, change happens through commitment, clarity and a consistent focus on the compound effect of 1% shifts. These shifts might be from perspective changes, building mental fitness incrementally or sharpening your clarity on your goals. 

My clients are adventurous and courageous. They are willing to make changes in their life so they can live a life of alignment and fulfillment. They know they are capable of more and are willing to challenge themselves. They want to make an impact on others and the planet and yet still find themselves nervous of taking the next step.   

If you are curious about working with me, book a free strategy appointment. I'd love to hear your story and explore if working together would serve you. 

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