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Ready to make a change?

Mental Fitness and Personal Leadership for Entrepreneurs and High Performers

I help you get unstuck and take action on what is most important.

More Clarity

More Action

More Confidence

Fyfe Barraclough - Vancouver Life Coach
Fyfe Barraclough - Vancouver Life Coach

Change is confusing, overwhelming, and isolating. It doesn't have to be. 

✅ ​​I feel frustrated, and anxious. I just want more ease and flow to work and life

✅ I want to get it right - I don't want to waste time on the wrong things

✅ I feel stuck in an echo chamber and need a sounding board that isn't my family or friends

✅ I work too hard and then I hit burnout. I'm worried I can't break this cycle.

✅ I know I'm capable of more - but I'm not sure where I'm going and how to get there

✅ I feeling foggy about who I am and what really matters to me

✅ I'm realizing “what got me here, won’t get me there”  (Where I want to go) 

✅ ​I've lost my spark and zestiness

✅ I feel lost and I'm second guessing myself

Does this sound like you?

Stop wasting precious time being stuck!

Struggling with your career?
What are you struggling with?
  • career change

  • stepping into more leadership

  • starting or growing a business

  • getting out of burnout


Personal leadership and mental fitness is at the heart of making important lasting changes in your life and work.
I can help you:


  • Craft a crystal clear vision of the future you want

  • Be clear and confident in your unique style of leadership

  • Identify how you self sabotage and create new mental patterns to get better results

  • Remove burnout and overwhelm without taking extended time off

  • Find more ease and flow in navigating challenges

Build your life vision
1:1 Coaching
I want to work with you if: 


  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit - even if you aren't an entrepreneur (aka being adventurous)

  • You are willing to try something different so you can make a difference.

  • You are willing to take a chance on yourself

  • You seek to live a meaningful life in alignment with your values

  • You are growth minded and know you are capable of more.

  • You understand coaching is an investment, not a cost.  


Coaching Services

Private Life & Career Coaching

Private Coaching

Private 1:1 coaching to take you to the next level.


Get unique insights and accountability to get to your goals

Develop Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness

Develop core mental muscles to counteract self sabotage and gain more command over your mind. 

Self sabotage is the key factor holding you back from getting results

Expert Leadership Assessments

Leadership Assessments

Get a 60 page report to fast-track your awareness and build a development plan to leverage your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Visual Coaching Approach

Visual Coaching

Get unique insights through bespoke visual representations of your challenges. 

No other coaches do this!*

Your future self will thank you.

Free Strategy Appointment


Book a Strategy Appointment: (free)

We will chat about your current roadblocks and explore what you need in a coach. If it feels right for both of us, then we will book a free Coaching Test Drive. 

Free Coaching Session


Coaching Test Drive (free)

Get a feel for what working with me is like in an actual coaching session. 

Custom Coaching Plan


Commit and Get Results

We will build a custom coaching plan together. 

What My Clients Say

In one conversation with Fyfe, I left with a vision of my business that was so vivid and clear I could create a drawing and hang it on my wall.

- Andrew Molica


Working with Fyfe has allowed me to jump ahead a year of where I would have been on my own. It saved me so much time.

- Tim Kearney

Copywriter and Entrepreneur

I'm now a less reactive dad. I am being more patient and more present in the moment with my son. It's also helped with my leadership and ability to separate work from home life.

Canadian Intelligence Officer


I believe trust is earned.
Get 2 impactful and free resources.

Mental Fitness 101
Video Module


Mental Fitness - Life & Career Coaching

Free Self Sabotage Assessment

Self-Sabotage Assessment
  • What is mental fitness and why it matters 

  • The science behind mental fitness

  • The common saboteurs that plague entrepreneurs and high performers

  • How to play mental judo and turn stress into opportunity

  • In under 5 minutes, identify the top 3 ways you currently self sabotage your performance, relationships and happiness

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