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Fyfe's Riipen Job Application

Hello Riipen hiring team! My name is Fyfe Barraclough and this is my deliverable for the job application project. This is a hidden page on my coaching website. Feel free to check out the rest of the site which I created myself.  I have uploaded a video I put together for you and I have included an offer below with my contact information. I tried to keep the video relatively concise but I added some text to get right to the point. (Note: I am no longer a student but didn't see an option to apply for a position a different way)

There are several points to this video:

1) I would be a great asset as an internal or contract coach for the Riipen Team to: gain more clarity and direction around issues and problems they trying to overcome, be more productive, and find more balance between work and life (which will reduce burnout, increase employee engagement and supports culture buy-in)

2)  I can provide great value to the students by building a support system in the form of a Student Success Coach position to help them succeed. This would benefit the students by helping them get into the workforce as well as provide follow-up debriefs once they have found a placement. This would be an incredible value-add for them in the form of personal connection and support and would really push the word of mouth referrals, which would in turn help promote the platform.

3) I can also bring my excellent customer service, sales and entrepreneurial experience to the business and help out in other areas as required. 

I'm not sure why the video image starts with my hands in the air, haha!

Links to things I reference in the video - I am a co-owner of this furnace and duct cleaning business and I coach the GM weekly to ensure the business is running smoothly. We jump started the business this spring and have already grown the business to 2 vans - This is the other business I started. I imported blankets and sweaters from Ecuador. I will be closing the business down to focus my efforts on coaching.

A sample coaching session with the hiring manager to demonstrate the value of coaching and what it could do for your business. The session would be:
  • 45 minutes
  • 1-on-1
  • In-person



Phone: 604-518-6924

I believe in your business. It is a beautifully orchestrated intersection of students, schools, and business. And the timing is right for it.  I know first-hand that the transition from University to the Workforce needs to change. What you are creating is a game-changing platform. I am flexible to create a role that would benefit the organization most. this means that I am open to full-time or part-time work that involves wearing different hats and helping out wherever neededEven if you do not currently have space for me on the team at this time, I would still really appreciate meeting with you and hearing more about your vision for the platform and how it will grow.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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