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Mission: to have my clients tell people "working with Fyfe changed my life"

Why Do I Coach: I love helping people. Plain and simple. I get so much energy and joy from working with my clients, especially when they make progress.  I also believe that the clients energy and progress is contagious and impacts everyone that comes into contact with them.  

What is Fyfe Coaching all about: Fyfe Coaching is success coaching for individual clients  and businesses that want to make meaningful changes in their lives or improve corporate culture. My role as a coach is not to tell you what I think you should do, or advise you. My role is to work with individuals to help draw out  unique gifts and solutions for the situation. But most importantly, I am here to hold people accountable for creating the change they want . (The basis of  my coaching is taken from my training as a Coactive Coach through the Coaching Training Institute, which is the largest and most recognized school of coaching.)


You get what you give. Coaching only works if the client is committed to making changes in their life, big or small. I will be the first to tell you that you don't "need" coaching. Coaching is not a necessity of life, you can survive the rest of your life with out it.  However, coaching is something you "want."  It is an opportunity to create a life with more meaning, balance and fulfillment, the life you always dreamed about having. It is a way to step up your game, whether its pushing your business to the next level or your making changes in your personal life. It's so you can look back on your accomplishments with pride and fulfillment.

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