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Fresh Air Sessions

***Vancouver/Victoria Clients Only***

These are outdoor, face-to-face sessions that are designed to break you out of your comfort zones (ie. your home or office), and put you into a new space. Some examples of a Fresh Air Session could be: sitting on a park bench, a short hike on the North Shore, sitting on the beach or a walk along the Seawall.


Personally, being outside helps me with openness, creativity, clarity and gaining new perspectives. As well, research studies have shown that spending time in the forest can help to reduce stress and even improve immune system functioning.

For these reasons, I wanted to provide the opportunity for my clients to be able to spend a coaching session outside and break their routines.


These sessions are not mandatory, but I highly recommend you try it at least once! Try something new!!!

Minimum of 3 normal (skype or phone call) sessions need to be completed before Fresh Air Session are available.  This is to establish the foundation of the coaching relationship.

Due to Fyfe's offsite time and transportation costs there are additional fees for each Fresh Air Session)

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