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Personalized Self Sabotage Report


Identifies the top ways you self sabotage your success and happiness

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Take the PQ Score Assessment

Your PQ Score is a measure of the relative strength of your positive versus negative mental muscle habits.

Mental Fitness Assessment Discovery Call.

This Discovery Call is designed to help you understand how your current mental habits are negatively impacting your success  and happiness.

What will be covered on the call: ​
  1. Brief " life + work inventory" (Bring clarity to your current situation) 

  2. Review assessment results. (How are you self-sabotaging your success) 

  3. Get clear on your objectives and goals.

  4. Further explanation of the 7 Week Mental Fitness programming and how it's application could help your unique situation.



I genuinely love chatting with people and sharing this work. 


Life is too short to play small. I want people to live fully and achieve their true potential. I want you to break free of your saboteurs that are interfering with your success and happiness.

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