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Fyfe Barraclough

Who Is Fyfe?


My creative side comes out often. I am a very visual person so I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. My creativity also extends to things like building this website and developing branding and logos.  I am also fascinated by peoples creative processes. Whether its creating visual art, music, a new business, or their life, I am always fascinated by clients stories and love learning about the different ways they build and create their lives. 


After finishing high school in North Vancouver I attended the University of Calgary and graduated with a BA in Sociology and minor in Psychology. I love helping people and I have always been fascinated by peoples stories and motivations. My Dad (who is also a coach) suggested I try taking the first training course through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). I was hooked after the first course and continued through the curriculum. I am now a trained Coactive Coach! (CTI is one of the most established and well-recognized coach training organizations)


I have been fortunate to experience a wide range of work. I have worked as a ski-instructor, a driver for a pet crematorium business, a farmhand, and a labourer for making maple syrup among other things. I have also owned and operated a residential painting business, a small clothing importing company and most recently I have bought into an Air Duct cleaning franchise business.  I have learned many different things from these distinctly different jobs but the one common theme that I enjoyed was working with and helping people. I enjoyed building relationships and cultivating the people around me.

Travel - Nicaragua


Physical activity has always been an important piece of my life. Growing up with 2 younger brothers and no TV kept us active, so street hockey, tag, soccer and many other activities kept us busy playing outside. Growing up I was involved in ski racing, competitive soccer and lacrosse.  Nowadays I spend much of my free time, running, hiking or mountain biking in North Vancouver's vast trail network. I still ski as much as possible and have enjoyed volunteering as a ski instructor for the disabled where I worked mainly with people in wheel chairs, teaching them how to sit-ski.  Nature and the outdoors has always been my medicine. I find it extremely relaxing and invigorating at the same time, and allows me to step out of my daily routine. 



I love traveling! I love exploring new countries, cities, cuisines, cultures and meeting new people. Traveling gives me space, time and perspective to learn about myself and gain clarity on what I want to do. I have traveled to 37 countries (throughout SE Asia, Africa, Central and South America and Europe) The travelling I have done has influenced my outlook on life and is an extremely important part of who I am.  I plan to continue to travel whenever possible. I would love to go everywhere but some countries that are high on my list to visit  are: Nepal, Bhutan, Patagonia, Scotland, India and The Northern Territories of Canada.

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